Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited

"Improving the Quality of Life"

Queries & Reports

You also know that you can receive your bills on SMS?
Simply text "KIWASCO - Your Account Number" to 20880.
Report BURSTS and LEAKS through any of the following numbers:

  • 057 202 4100
  • 057 202 3977
  • 0721 757 382

Soma Mita

This is a KIWASCO Initiative that allows our clients to read their meters, send us the readings and thus allow us to provide them with their corresponding provisional bills.

This is done by following the below procedure:
Step 1: Read ONLY the BLACK digits from your meter.
Step 2: Send the digits in black to 20880 with the message as follows: start with "KIWASCO" then "Account Number" then "Reading" e.g.KIWASCO 07000001234 0125.

Payment Methods

You can settle your outstanding bill using any of the following platforms:

  1. MPESA

  2. Did you know that you can now pay your water bills using Mpesa? Our business number is 517000.

  3. Equity

  4. You can also pay through any any Equity Bank branch or agent located near you using the account number 0290265172985.

  5. Over The Counter

  6. Pay your outsatnding bill by coming over to our offices to make a cash or cheque deposit.


  8. You can pay your water bill through any of the following PostBank agents:

    • Ahero
    • Gambogi
    • Gisambayi
    • Kibuye
    • Hamisi
    • Kilingili Market
    • Kisumu
    • Mbale
    • Mudete
    • Katito
    • Kisumu Bus Park
    • Serem
    • Majengo
    • Mago
    • Chavakali
    • Nyalenda
    • Jua Kali