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AFWA congress

The congress on water and sanitation that was opened by President Uhuru Kenyatta brought together experts, leaders and stakeholders in the field of water and sanitation for a comprehensive overview and solution- seeking mission of this crucial commodity in Africa. The congress took place at the Kenyatta International Convention Center from February 22-25, 2016, with representation from over 40 African member countries. Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director, Eng David Onyango led representatives across the departments in the company in participating in the congress. The congress brings together public and private stakeholders from the global water and sanitation sectors and enables them to share international best practices in order to find solutions towards the water problem in Africa and improve regional water, sanitation and environmental practices and strengthen private-public practices.

Building on the success of past events, this year’s congress revolved around the theme of “sustainable access to water and sanitation in Africa” and will focused on capacity development, service delivery, urban sanitation and urban water management as topics of deliberation. AfWA 2016 featured on a series of smaller seminars, exhibitions and workshops, focused on particular areas of water and sanitation. From local content issues to understanding and Africa’s water and sanitation issues, the congress was explicitly solutions focused, rather than diagnostic, providing permanent and feasible solutions to the challenges and problems in the sector.

Below is an interview conducted during the 2016 AFWA congress.