Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited

"Improving the Quality of Life"

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Eng. David Onyango presenting a certificate to one of the participants

Students who came in for the May – July attachment period were treated to an implausible idea – the internship programme. This programme was the first of its kind in KIWASCO and even in its pilot period, performed over and above the expectations.
The idea of this programme was conceived by the MD himself who for a long time had wished to have students on attachment acquire more knowledge beyond the cognitive skills. He longed to see a generation that is well prepared for the job market immediately after graduating from the University. To break the culture of students coming for attachment and leaving after being assessed by their teachers with nothing else to show for it. Together with the Human Resource Department led by the HR Officer, they developed an intensive programme that would last for 12 weeks.

The students showcasing their certificates on their graduation day

The objective of the programme was for students to acquire communication, inter-personal, analytical, critical thinking, teamwork, research and innovation and creativity skills. Some of the activities that the students engaged in during the programme included reading inspirational books on different aspects of the programme, joint team exercises, developing PowerPoint presentations, role exercises (handling crisis), watching videos that have different aspects of the programme and interactive sessions (life skills).

The impact of the programme has already been felt and apart from the first lot of students who graduated from the programme giving their positive feedback, this period has witnessed a whole lot of applications for internship positions in the company. KIWASCO has also been placed strategically amongst institutions of higher learning with good relations having been established due to the success of this programme.

Feedback got from the pilot programme will be used to better the subsequent programmes which will now be integrated in the company activities. The proposers of this programme have great plans ahead and the height of all this is to integrate IT in running the programme, starting from the recruitment stage upto completion.