Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company Limited

"Improving the Quality of Life"

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Staff replacing the old lines

One of the major challenges KIWASCO has been facing is dilapidated infrastructure due to old age. Some of the water pipes have been in existent for long. Over time, the pipes have been corroded and clogged with rust and other minerals thus leading to perforations. This has greatly impacted on our operations negatively since the pipes leak and as a company we lose treated potable water which leads to Non-Revenue Water loss. Another impact of these old perforated pipes is that it results to low water pressure experienced during supply.

Replaced old lines showing perforations

Professional replacement of these pipes is expensive but KIWASCO has embarked on an exercise to replace them in order to improve our service delivery to the residents of Kisumu County. Some of the areas that have already benefited from this initiative include estates like Shauri Moyo, Makasembo, Kaloleni, Migosi, Lolwe, Aliwa, Kindu Lane, and Kibuye. Several roads in Milimani, Obote and Otieno Oyoo roads have had old lines being replaced. Parts of Obwolo, Kisumu Boys – Patel junction and the old Kajulu line have also undergone replacement.