Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KIWASCO)was founded in 2001 and registered under CAP 486 of the laws of Kenya. It begun its operations in July 2003 to provide adequate clean potable water and to collect, treat, and dispose sewerage (wastewater) within the jurisdiction of Kisumu City. In 2019, the company changed its name from a sewerage to Sanitation Company in accordance to Water Act 2016 in order to expand its scope and mandate of providing sanitation services in Kisumu County. Kiwasco is also providing management support to GULF and NYANAS which are peri-urban water utilities in Kisumu County.

Our water treatment capacity is at 80,000 cubic meters per day. Dunga treatment plant has a capacity of 44,000 cubic while Kajulu 36000 cubic per day. Currently we operate under the philosophy of water production 40-60% ratios of Dunga and Kajulu (Pumping and Gravity respectively). Our Non-Revenue Water stands at 36% according to WASREB report 2019/2020 with a collection efficiency of 84%. Water supply coverage improved from 82% in the 2019 to 83% by 2020 while sewer stands at 18%. The quality of water produced meets international standards of >96% most of the time. Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS) monitors the quality independently and submits their reports.