COVID-19 response in public schools

When primary schools re-opened in October 2020 after they were closed in March 2020 due to COVID 19, there was dire need for various hand-washing points to enable the pupils maintain hand hygiene while adhering to Covid-19 protocols given by the Ministry of health. Kiwasco, saw a gap and has so far donated over 100 hand washing containers and soap to six schools namely Arya, Kosawo, Obwolo, Kondele, Kianja, Usoma, Magadi Primary Schools and still mapping out more schools in Kisumu city where hand washing stations are needed.

In addition to donating handwashing facilities, we ensured that the schools have sufficient piped water supply by constantly monitoring their water supply and act on supply failures in the shortest time possible.

The Company has undertaken to form and strengthen the Sanitation, Water, Environment and Hygiene clubs in various schools. Through these clubs, we will be able to inculcate good hygiene practices to the club members who will act as champions to the rest of the children.

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