KIWASCO’s commitment is aimed at achieving high levels of Customer Experience over the duration of our relationship with all stakeholders, as such we are committed to provide;

Our Commitment
  • Reliability

Ensuring that the flow of water at the taps is continuous and that down-times are short, few or non-existent; and guaranteeing that water is available, if not within the building, a short distance away – ideally less than 30 meters. It should not take more than 30 minutes in urban areas or more than two kilometers in rural areas to collect water.

  • Accessibility

The promise to ensure that the population in the service has access to water and sewerage services. Accessibility can be looked at in four overlapping dimensions: physical accessibility, economic accessibility, non-discrimination and information accessibility. Of critical importance in accessibility is affordability. KIWASCO will endeavor to provide water that is priced reasonably, whose per-unit cost structure is in tandem with other water services providers in other parts of the country and which considers the economic wherewithal of its target market.

  • Quality

KIWASCO will ensure that the water provided is safe to drink by strictly adhering international standards of quality water – both health related and aesthetic (appearance, taste and odour) related standards. This assurance relates to the whole water production system – treatment, storage and distribution. The water we provide will be free from micro-organisms, chemical substances and radiological hazards that constitute a threat to a person’s health. Furthermore, the water shall be odorless and sparkling clear.


Our service commitment has at its core effective and efficient communication. We always aim to:

  • Ensure sufficient access and availability of our customer service staff to respond to customer service queries.
  • Endeavor to provide answers to the questions and queries raised.
  • Endeavor to open channels of communication through active hotline numbers, website, email, what’s app numbers, USSD codes and also through face to face interactions.
Customer Service Standards

To emphasize our commitment, we guarantee the following service standards and reinforce them with comprehensive policies where applicable.

3.1 Customer Service

  • The Company undertakes to resolve all reported customer complaints and communicate to the customer upon resolution of the complaints.
  • The Company undertakes to communicate immediately all water supply interruptions, water quality discrepancies, special project updates and challenges requiring customer attention through notices, the media, social media, telephone or SMS.
  • The company shall call major customers and estate representatives to confirm the status of water supply and sewerage services on a daily basis.
  • The Company shall communicate due date for bill payment through bills, SMS and emails for commercial accounts.

3.2 Reliable Quality Water Always

We undertake to ensure adequate and consistent supply of clean and potable water that meets the standards of regulatory and statutory institutions including

3.3 Metering and Billing

  • The Company undertakes to provide working and accurate meters to all her customers and to read the meters in a regular 30-days cycle.
  • The Company shall deliver all domestic consumer bills by the 1st day of the month; and commercial and institutional bills by the 3rd day of the month.
  • The Company undertakes to educate all her customers on meter reading to promote a transparent and accountable business relationship
  • The Company commits to replace all faulty meters.
  • The Company undertakes to enforce applicable fines and penalties on willful damage to meters, bypasses, illegal connections, loss of meters, illegal boreholes and any other malpractices.
  • In the event of wrong billing, debits/credits will be approved by the Company as per the laid down policies. No complaints will be accepted after the expiry of 3 months from the date of billing.

3.4 Disconnections

Disconnections for non-payment shall be done from the 11th day of the month of billing; however customers with outstanding arrears will be disconnected without any further notice. A re-connection fees of Kshs 1,000 will be credited to each account.

3.5 Disconnection by Request

Disconnection by request will be done within 12 hours from the time of notification. For this to be done you have to clear any outstanding bill, provide a copy of your ID and a letter/email explaining the reason for the request to disconnect.

3.6 Quick Processing of New Water and Sewerage Supply Agreement

The Company undertakes to process applications for new connections within four (4) working days on receipt of duly completed forms. Any delays shall be communicated to the customer within 12 hours of the deadline.

3.7 Payment of Deposits

The Company undertakes to refund water deposits within fourteen (14) working days from the date of application; upon receipt of all relevant documents.

 3.8 Reconnection of Disconnected Water Supply

The Company undertakes to reconnect water supply to disconnected customers within 24 hours of receipt of applicable penalty charges. The Company shall reimburse reconnection fees for any delays attributable to their failure. All mistaken connections will be reconnected free within 12 hours..

3.9 Timely Response to Pipe Bursts, Leakages and Sewer Blockages

  • The Company shall repair major water pipe bursts within 24 hours of reporting.
  • All water leakages shall be repaired within 12 hours from reporting time.
  • The company undertakes to unblock all sewer blockages within 12 working hours from reporting time.
Customer Responsibilities
  • Prompt payment of water and sewer bills. All customers should pay bills by 10th day of each month. You can also pay your bills through M-PESA using our business number 517000.
  • Report all illegal water connections around you to KIWASCO. Illegal water consumption frustrates company growth and future prospects.
  • Avoid willful damage or interference with the meter. Any such damage will result in surcharge as approved by WASREB.
  • Understand and know how to read your meter to help us remain accountable and transparent in billing.
  • Monitor use of water to ensure no wastage which may result in high bills.
  • Report all leaks and bursts to ensure uninterrupted water supply.
  • Forward all complaints and demand action from the company.
  • Use the Company’s toll free number 40222 for complaints, compliments and bill query; starting with the word KIWASCO.
  • Register in our e-billing facility by visiting our customer service office. We have made your bill inquiry possible through your cell phone.
  • Ensure minimum storage in your house of 200 liters for domestic use and 6 hours of average consumption for industrial or commercial use.
  • While making new water or sewer connections ensure compliance with minimum technical standards of the company.
Quality of Staff

We commit to ensure that our staffs are well trained in their respective professional fields, motivated and incentivized to provide the highest level of customer service, provided with good working environment and protective wear when delivering service to our customers. Our staff will always be responsive, courteous and highly professional in all interactions with customers

How to Lodge a Complaint

Customer reports complaints in person, telephone or in writing or by sending a text to 40222 with the format “KIWASCO complaint”, e.g. “KIWASCO burst near Kanyamedha school”. Over the counter complaints are received by Customer Care Executives. The complaint is recorded in the system and the customer receives a text with the ticket number. Ensuring that the details are correctly captured.

In case of complaints requiring more than the specified time of action, the company will communicate such delays to the customer within 12 hours before deadline.

Customers who are dissatisfied with action taken by staff can appeal directly to the Managing Director through the company’s contacts.

Customers can also make further appeals if still dissatisfied to the WAG (Water Action Groups) or LVSWWDA (Lake Victoria South Water Works Agency)

Relevance of the Charter

The Company shall ensure continuous relevance of the Customer Service Charter in consultation with its stakeholders with a view of improving the customer experience. The review of the Charter will be done after every three years or earlier; as necessary.