I didn’t receive my bill, what are the reasons

This could be because the account is still register under the landlord’s or former tenants phone details.

To receive bills direct to your phone; a customer needs to register the account under their name.

How do I query my bills?

One can conveniently get their bills through:

  • Toll-free code 40222 by simply sending a message starting with the word ‘Bill/Balance/ Bal ‘followed by account number then send it to 40222.
  • USSD code *483*86#
Why are my water bills so high?

There are various reasons that may result to high bills;

  • Leakage after the meter or within the household
  • Inaccessibility due to gate and chamber locks
  • Increased consumption within the households
  • Tank overflows
  • Faulty meter subject to meter test.
Why is my water not reconnected yet I had cleared my bills?
  • Operating an Account in another person’s name be it landlord/ previous tenant and hence cannot be reached for direction or refuses to give direction
  • Wrong account numbers entered during payment
  • Wrong pay bill number used
  • Uncleared bills in the account hence no automatic notification to reconnect
  • Disconnected by inspection calls for clearance of the surcharge as well as the bill
What are the requirements of opening a new account (new connection, change of tenancy, meter separation, kiosk, communal)

One is required to fill the form attached and bring the relevant documents, they then pay deposit and connection fee where applicable.

Download Form
Why was I not informed of disconnection?

This question comes majorly from non-account holders who don’t receive bills/ notifications from us,

  • Bills are sent out on 1st of the month
  • reminders follow 8th or 9th just before we start disconnections
  • Constant reminders through social media pages
Where do I pay for my bills and other services?

NOTE: always use your account number/ invoice number as reference for all your payments. Our agents are not authorized to pick cash from any customer.

Co-Op bank account


Mpesa Pay-bill Number


Equity Bank


Post Bank


KCB Bank Agent or KCB Bank App
How do I report any leakages/ Bursts/ illegal consumptions?

Use our toll-free SMS number 40222, Hotlines 057 500 700, USSD code *483*86# or email us on info@kiwasco.co.ke