Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company joined the world in marking the World Rivers day. The company together with other stakeholders in Kisumu organized for a cleaning exercise of River Auji/Wigwa which drains into Lake Victoria. This river is affected by pollution due to domestic waste disposal along the banks which not only threaten the health of the residents, but also affects the quality of water abstracted for treatment.

Photo file: Participants removing waste from the river to the bank.

The World Rivers Day is marked on the fourth Sunday of September every year and the day aims at promoting the active involvement of citizens in ensuring proper health of rivers in the years ahead.

While making his address, KIWASCO Chief Engineer Technical Services Eng. Moses Jura urged locals and the stakeholders present to champion for environmental conservation for a functional and healthy ecosystem. “It’s no secret that the natural future of this Country, particularly Kisumu County, desperately needs to be safeguarded, especially now that climate change is already wreaking havoc on our natural environment. It is through our concerted effort that we will be able to preserve resources like rivers for the future generation. Let’s reduce human harm to the environment and support the natural world as much as we can” he concluded.

Photo file: The procession to the River.

The event was well attended with over 150 stakeholders turning up and engaging in the clean-up. Among the stakeholder who supported the clean-up exercise was the Red Cross Society of Kenya, Mayfair Holdings, National Youth Service (NYS), Dunga CBO, Khetias Supermarket, Equator Bottlers, County Government of Kisumu, HareKrishna, Water Resources Authority – Western Region, Residents of Dunga among others.

The clean-up was a day’s activity however the running call is that everyone has a responsibility to preserve our water sources for posterity. Do not dispose off human, solid, chemical or industrial waste into water bodies. Also, report culprits who are found polluting the rivers.

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