What does valuing water mean to our children?

Yes, ‘Valuing Water’, is the theme set by UN for this year’s World Water Day celebrations,

But do our children understand these things?

Do we REALLY put into consideration the future generation?

That is the question KIWASCO sought to answer during this year’s WWD celebrations.

Xaverian Primary School pupil making a presentation {photo file}

So we organized a schools contest between Arya and Xaverian Primary Schools, who are part of a schools programme the company is supporting in terms of water, sanitation, environment and hygiene. The contest was aimed at showcasing talent but demonstrating their understanding on the value of water.

The schools had performances on speech contest, debate, spoken word, drama and poems on the subject matter. Despite the timing of the WWD celebrations coinciding with the exam calendar of the schools, the pupils rehearsed well and their performances were exemplary. Xaverian Primary School however carried the day with 82% cumulatively while Arya followed closely with 79%.

The outstanding pupils were awarded for their performances, creativity and confidence in presentations. The schools also received a certificate of participation and all pupils who participated each awarded a 500ml KIWASCO branded water bottles. The pupils also got an opportunity to tour our Dunga Water treatment plant and from there, they learnt the process of water treatment. This added to their body of knowledge on potable water. The exercise also gave them a kickstart in career development as they got to interact with our staff members working in different sections of the water treatment process, mostly engineering, laboratory and water production.

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