Partnership for sewer line construction along KIBOS-KPA road

On 17th July, 2020, Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Chatthe Group of Companies to undertake construction of sewer network from the Kenya Ports Authority sewer manhole to Chatthe Group in Kisumu City.

Photo: Teams from Chatte Group and Kiwasco during the signing ceremony

KIWASCO’s core objective is to provide quality water and sanitation services for improved livelihood at the same time generating sufficient revenue to sustain its operations. Whereas, Chatthe Group of Companies invests in a number of industrial and technological activities to push their operations forward and also take care of the environment.

KIWASCO Managing Director, Thomas Odongo expressed his credence in the capacity of the alliance for timely and rightful delivery of the objective. He also appreciated the Chatthe Group of Companies for the decision to step up their role on environmental conservation.

Photo: Thomas Odongo (right) and Raju Chatthe (left) exchanging the signed agreement.

The project intends to ensure that all institutions and households around Kibos and Kenya Ports Authority are connected to the main sewer network and wastes are appropriately disposed. This will go a long way in reducing pollution in River Kibos and consequently reduce occurrence of diseases that may come as a result of poor disposal of wastes. The success of this is to have a clean environment in line with the internationally acceptable best practices in liquid and semi-liquid waste management.

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