KIWASCO and WASREB held a Public stakeholder consultation meeting on License renewal on 1st of March 2022 at Sunset Hotel, in accordance with the Water Act 2016 and the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

The invitees included Stakeholders representing various groups in the City. This was a hybrid meeting with both virtual and physical attendance where over 70 participants attended physically.

Photo: Eng. Njaggah, Director Licensing, Standards & Advocacy, WASREB giving his opening remarks

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Vinod Patel assured the stakeholders that the company operates within the laid down rules and regulations set by the regulator and the laws of the land. He further justified the reasons why the stakeholders should allow KIWASCO to have their license renewed by highlighting key milestones made over the years. “I urge the stakeholders present to enjoy drinking tap water directly from the tap as we now boast of producing water of good quality”, he concluded.

The representative of Lake Victoria South Water Works Development agency highlighted the projects being undertaken towards enhancing water and sanitation infrastructure in Kisumu City in conjunction with other stakeholders.

Photo: Participants follow through the proceedings

The Managing Director KIWASCO, Mr. Thomas Odongo in his presentation highlighted the performance of the company over the last five years and also the future outlook. He also clarified in detail the impact of the newly reviewed tariff to the consumers clearly showing the gainers and losers and explained why the changes had to take place more so in the Low-Income Areas.

The Acting CEO for WASREB Eng. Joseph Keter wrapped up the consultative meeting with an in-depth analysis on the topic of licensing. He explained to the stakeholders meaning of a license, the rationale of getting one and the need to have one. He went further to explain the types of licenses the regulator gives and under which conditions one acquires them. He talked about the benefits of having a valid license from the regulator and the flip side of not having one. He then unveiled KIWASCO’s score which was above 70% and which qualifies the company for a 5 – year license. This was a moment of joy for KIWASCO fraternity. On posing the question if KIWASCO should get a new license, there was no opposition from the stakeholders and all raised their hands in affirmation.

KIWASCO therefore has been allowed by the stakeholders to be issued with a      5 year license having met all the other conditions set by the regulator.

Photo: Stakeholders raise their hands in affirmation

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