In the year 2019, the company expanded its mandate to incorporate sanitation and this included change of name from ‘sewerage’ to ‘sanitation’. This was orchestrated by amendments made in the Water Act 2016 that required all the water service providers in the to expand and adopt the sanitation feature. KIWASCO boast of two sewerage treatment facilities, Kisat Conventional Sewerage Plant, with a capacity of 8,000m3 per day and Nyalenda Oxidation ponds with a capacity of 18,000 m3 per day. Currently, only an estimated 18 per cent of the city’s residents are connected to the central sewerage system. Other customers use alternative options such as pit latrines and septic tanks.

Exhauster Services

We acquired two exhausters to help in emptying the septic tanks at affordable rates within Kisumu city and its environs.

0 to 10km -Ksh 3,000 flat rate fee
For every additional Kilometer we charge an extra kshs 400.

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Sale of Sludge

Sludge from the waste water treatment plant is sold at affordable rates to be used in tree and flower planting.

It is charged at a rate of Ksh 500 per tonne.

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Treatment of waste water

We have two sewerage treatment facilities; Kisat Conventional Sewerage Plant established in the year in the year 1965 with a capacity of 8,000m3 per day and Nyalenda Oxidation ponds with a capacity of 18,000 m3 per day.


The company has partnered with sanitation-related organizations along the value chain such as Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), Sanergy, Sanivation e.t.c. to accelerate safe sanitation for a healthy sustainable environment.

1. Kisumu Pit emptiers

In the low-income areas, more people use pit latrines which they empty from time to time. The pit emptiers had numerous challenges that included; emptying in the open areas, working only at night since the job was seen as degrading among other challenges.

To help clear this up, Kiwasco in partnership with WSUP engaged these groups and have since helped them in;

  • Capacity building,
  • Allowing them to dispose in Kiwasco lagoons,
  • Equip them with relevant tools for the work
  • Branding of the groups
  • Demystifying the fecal waste in the communities

This has positively resulted to behavior and attitude change in regards to waste disposal in the low-income areas ensuring that “shit” ends up to its right disposal site.

Upscaling Basic Sanitation for the Urban Poor (UBSUP)

2. Upscaling Basic Sanitation for the Urban Poor (UBSUP)

This project was supported by Water Sector Trust Fund. It’s first phase was implemented through Kiwasco in Obunga slum. The project aimed at improving the sanitation status in the area. It supported construction of upto 200 toilets and provision of Ksh 20,000 and Ksh 15,000 subsidy for every toilet constructed and improved respectively. We have managed to construct 203 toilets by the end of the first phase in 2020.

3. Sanergy

Kiwasco also signed an MoU with Sanargy in a bid to expand sanitation coverage to all residents of Kisumu city through development of sustainable, equitable and affordable sanitation solutions. This intended to encourage uptake of onsite sanitation solutions in the Low Iincome Areas within Kisumu.The first phase was launched in November,2020 during the World Toilet Day.

By end of quarter three of the financial year 2020/2021, we had managed to install upto 150 toilets in Nyalenda estate.