We held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 15th December 2022 at Ciala Resort. During the meeting, the Auditor General read the report for the financial statements for the year ended 30th June 2021. This report provides critical information for shareholders regarding the company’s performance and strategy.

Photo: A section of the Board of Directors during the AGM

During the meeting, the Managing Director Mr. Thomas Odongo reported, “The company maintained stable potable water supply and management of waste water operations not only during the pandemic but throughout the year”. He proceeded to mention that the company was rated as the Best Water Service Provider under the Lake Victoria South Region in the WASREB IMPACT 14 report.

Photo: Mr. Moseti making his presentation on the company’s Finances

On the other hand, the Board Chairman Mr. Vinod Patel gave a detailed description of the on-going partnership between Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency and KIWASCO under the LVWATSAN programme that aims at expanding the sewer and water coverage for the company among other benefits. He concluded by updating the shareholders on the changes in the composition of the Board of Directors.

The shareholders were then given time to ask questions to the directors of the company regarding the presentations that had been made and many of the questions leaned toward the company’s strategies on post Covid-19 financial recovery.

Being there no other business, the Directors bid farewell to the outgoing CEC Water, Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources Mr. Salmon Orimba who had served in the Technical and Finance board committees.

Mr. Orimba receiving his gift from the Board Chairman

The chairman appreciated Mr. Orimba for his immense contribution to the Board’s success, having provided a strong linkage between the company and the County Government of Kisumu. We wish him well in his endeavours.

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